the lofi adventures of deluxe peroux

by Jonas Wilson

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Digital recording has democratized the music industry, bringing top level gear to amateurs for dirt cheap, enabling anyone with access to a laptop and a digital interface to make perfect recordings. No one knows this better than studio veterans like Jonas Wilson, who has made a career out of helping others create perfect pop. But no one knows the drawbacks to that better than Jonas Wilson, either. The soullessness, the loss of heart and passion that can happen when you can use hundreds of tracks to make a three minute single. Which is why Jonas Wilson has struck out on his own, seeking out antiquated technology to help him remember what he loved about music in the first place, the raw immediacy and “anything can happen” spirit of it.
Hailed by the Austin Chronicle as the city’s Best Secret Ingredient in 2014 thanks to his involvement in the solo project of Ghostland Observatory’s Aaron Behrens and for his mentorship of Sire Records’ artists Residual Kid, Wilson has always known how to bring the best out of his collaborators. That was also true of his work in his bands Lomita as well as The White White Lights, where Wilson utilized processes to define the material. Now Wilson is turning that process inward, honing in on what elements he loves about influences like The Replacements, Elvis Costello and Alex Chilton. And it’s simple really. The answer is letting go, of digital devices and pristine production, of infinite takes and limitless editing, focusing on the songwriting and personality that allows those artists to remain timely so many decades after their peaks.
The result is The Lo-Fi Adventures of Deluxe Peroux, named both for the project’s ramshackle vibe and for the alter ego Wilson gave himself when he played in Lomita and the White White Lights. Working exclusively with cassette tape, Deluxe Peroux is Wilson at his most free, playing nearly every instrument himself, sticking to first takes with no tape mixing. The songs on Deluxe Peroux are as well-crafted as anything Wilson has ever done but they have an edge to them that Wilson fans will be surprised by. “The Look in Your Eye” opens the album with a blast of Nuggets-era garage rock, “Steal a Piece” merges ‘90s heroes Folk Implosion and Guided By Voices for booze soaked indie with a danceable beat and masterful centerpiece “Gorgeous Hands” displays the missing link between Spoon and The Pixies that most us never imagined could exist.
Wilson’s experiment doesn’t end with Deluxe Peroux’s physical release, though. Not inclined to do anything in half measures, Wilson is taking Deluxe Peroux on the road, touring with just himself and a pair of ¼” Tape machines. It’s a bold move where the only guarantee is that anything could happen, but you can tell that by making music without a safety net, Wilson is newly inspired.


released November 6, 2015

drums trk 6. Davy Hamrick
drums trk 5 stephen bres
bass trk 5 shawn jones



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Jonas Wilson Austin, Texas

Jonas Wilson is a guitar player, keyboardist, and songwriter who has worked in Austin TX since the age of 15 as a young blues guitarist. He has been a solo artist and involved with many bands, some of which include: Lomita, The White White Lights, Goudie, Alpha Rev, Elijah Ford and The Bloom, What Made Milwaukee Famous, Tod Schnider, Bp fallon and many more .... ... more

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